Self-Financing Courses

Self-Financing Courses

            Self Financing courses of this college, since its inception from year 2006, is importing quality computer education to the student in the periphery of Baloda Bazar. The college provides education to students who wish to study in the following disciplines.

1.                                     PGDCA (Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application )

2.                                     DCA ( Diploma In Computer Application )                 

                                      B.Sc (IT)

Its Quality education has been proved year after year, by our Students, who have shown their excellence in various examinations & Their Knowledge and hardwork keep them in the elite classes

Department od Mathematics & Computer Science has several distinct features . All round development of personality, character, manners are stressed, Strict Discilpline & punctualit, Respect and Regards for the Elders, are inculcated in the students from the very first day of the college

The Department provides necessary guidlince and help to students in each & very step as, and when required.


            Prof in charge                         :           Mrs Dolly Nishant Shukla

            Adhr Technical Staff               :


PGDCA           – 30 Seat

DCA                – 20 Seat

Bsc. IT             – 30 Seat


FEATURES :  Library – The department has a rich collection of books computer & competitive exam.

                                                ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTION

            Computer departments is proud of the student who excel in the examination of Pt. R.S.S.U. Raipur Academic interest of the students is always the matter of first priority for us.

            The regular classes start from the very first day of session. The students are provided with maximum study time during the academic calendar.


The Student – Teacher interaction is positive Regular feedback, unit tests, quiz schedule etc. are conducted in the interest of the students. ( 100% Attendance compulsory )

Emphasis on co- curricular activities

          In order to develop the all round personality of each student, various Co- curricular activities are conducted along with the routine study schedule .

(i) Welcome            (ii) Annual Function           (iii) Educational Tour


The Department is affiliated to Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur (C.G.)

Working Hours :- The classes are conducted in the morning session from 8 :00 AM.



                    PGDCA – 101                   Introduction to Software organization

                    PGDCA – 102                   Office Automation

                    PGDCA – 103                   Programming in c language

                    PGDCA – 104                   Practical Based on PGDCA – 103 & Office Automation

                    PGDCA – 105                   Practical Based on PGDCA – 102


                    PGDCA – 106                   Programming in VB. NET

PGDCA – 107                   Database Management system

                    PGDCA – 108                   Internet and web Technology

                    PGDCA – 109                   Practical Based on Course 106 & 107

                    PGDCA – 110                   Project


                    Dual Course Candidates doing any other UG/PG Course can also Join this course

                    DCA – 101              Essential of Information Technology & OS

                    DCA – 102              Essential of Office automation

                    DCA – 103              Programming in c language

                    DCA – 104              Practical Based on DCA 102 & 103


                    DCA – 105              GUI – Programming in Visual Basic

                    DCA – 106              E – Commerce

DCA – 107              HTML & Internet Application

                    DCA – 108              Practical Based on DCA 105 & 107 (IT) I year

                    Paper – 1                Fundamental of I.T. and PC Software

                    Paper – 2                Programming concept using c language practical (IT) II year

                    Paper – 1                Digital circuits & Computer – H/W

                    Paper – 2                OOP in c ++  Practical (IT) III year

                    Paper – 1                Amplifiers Oscillators & Microprocessor

                    Paper – 2                Data Structure