Principal's Message

Education Plays a key role in Over all development of the Society. The role of education is definitely not limited to giving and grasping knowledge and theory. The true goal of education transcends much beyond Just Awarding degree and certificate to students. According to Mahatma Gandhi :- “ By Education I mean on all round drawing out of the best in child and man-body, mind and spirit “

The ultimate good of education is the discovery of the meaning of life and the fulfillment  of life and all mankind as well as for oneself. The quest of  education is knowledge, Humanity culture, wisdom and Sharpness but It should be noted that knowledge is not given but earned

Govt. Dau Klyan Arts and Commerce College (Govt. DK PG) is affiliated with Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukala University, Raipur Chhattisgarh. This College is lead College in Baloda Bazar Bhatapara district. Our College not only focuses on the theoretical curriculum but also in practical knowledge and overall deplopmant of a students. Everything that makes a good college are – a highly trained faculty, Rich liberty, placement cell, teaching methods, professional courses, research center, library to think and express themselves, we have, it there . We are surrounded by rural area . So our focus is to bring the Student’s  in Main Stream and also make efforts in this direction So that they Can get employment. I firmly believe that our college is more than just a place to- learn,. It gives you a chance to grow by equipping with everything you need to achieve excellence, Now we are running P.G. and U.S. Courses in Art Commerce and Science and M.Sc (IT) also running professional courses in PGDCA, DCA, B.Sc. IT and LLb, At college we ensure students get the best start to their future carrier to become smart and careful citizen of our glorious country India.

I wish all the students a grand Success in their carrier and prosperity in their future life.                                                   

Prof (Dr.) Ashok Kumar Upadhyay


Govt. Dau Klyan Arts and Commerce College, Baloda Bazar

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