Online Library


The direct access to the e-books and e-Journals through all network / consortium help the students to easily find out their required information under both in-hours & remote access.


According to UGC syllabus UG/PG books are available to followings websites: -


v SWAYAM                        http://swayam.gov.in


v Egyankosh                        http://www.egyankosh.ac.in


v E-Pathshala                       http://ep.intlibanct.ac.in


v NPTEL                              http://nptell.ac.in




Research scholar / Faculty



S.No.               Research Name                                   Research URL

1.                     N-List                                                  http://www.nlist.intlibent.ac.in

2.                     Public Library of Science (PLOS)      http://www.plos.com

3.                      National Digital Library (NDL)         http://www.doabooks.org