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10-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2022-23
10-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2021-22
03-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2020-21
03-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2019-20
03-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2018-19
03-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2017-18
03-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2016-17
11-Jan-2023 Admission Student Strength 2015-16
10-Jan-2023 Criteria-I 1.4.1
09-Jan-2023 Criteria-VII 7.9.1
09-Jan-2023 Criteria-VII 7.2.1
09-Jan-2023 Criteria-VII 7.1.1
09-Jan-2023 Alumni 5.4.1
09-Jan-2023 scholarship 5 year 2.1.2 Post Matric Scholarship 2021-22
03-Jan-2023 Career Counseling & Placement Cell MOU
03-Jan-2023 Career Counseling & Placement Cell Workshop 2021-22
02-Jan-2023 AQAR Criteria-I (1.3.2)
01-Jan-2023 AQAR Criteria-I (1.3.2)
01-Jan-2023 AQAR Criteria-I (1.1.3)
30-Dec-2022 AQAR Mentors Mentee (UG)
29-Dec-2022 AQAR Mentors Mentee (PG)
29-Dec-2022 IQAC Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)
06-Jul-2022 Admission Notification Seat Reservation 2022-23
07-Dec-2022 Notices QR CODE For College FEES
04-Aug-2022 Admission Notification M.Sc.-I Sem. Botany Second Merit List
04-Aug-2022 Admission Notification M.A.I Semester Geography (Second)
04-Aug-2022 Admission Notification M.A.I Semester Economics Merit List (Second List)
04-Aug-2022 Admission Notification LLB-I SEM Merit List (Second List)
18-Jul-2022 Admission Notification M.Com-I Sem. First List
07-Jul-2022 SSR Self Study Report 2022
07-Jul-2022 Notices Time Table for Session 2022-23
05-May-2022 Criteria-IV 4.1.4 document
05-May-2022 Criteria-IV 4.4.1 document
05-May-2022 Extended Profile Computer bills
05-May-2022 Extended Profile list of computer
06-May-2022 Criteria-IV 4.1.3 ICT Facility in College
10-May-2022 scholarship 5 year 2.1.2 scholarship 5 year 2.1.2
10-Jan-2022 IQAC IQAC Formation Summary

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